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Bathrooms are the first room a person enters upon waking up and, for many, a good majority of time is spent in this space preparing for the day ahead. Outdated bathrooms can have an effect on someone’s overall mood. Older homes may have bathrooms with unsightly colors from an era long gone as well as issues not noticeable to the naked eye. Even more modern bathrooms have fixtures and plumbing that begin to show signs of wear as this is a room that is used every day by all in a home. Bathroom Remodeling in Oak Park IL, can bring a bathroom into the modern era and replace or repair signs of trouble.

Older homes with bathrooms still boasting the latest in style when they were built fall short of being to current building code. Materials like green board and outlets with GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) capabilities were not the standard in construction. To a homeowner, this means bathroom walls can appear to bow or crumbling, there is a risk of electrical shock when using older outlets. Greenboard is designed to withstand the humidity and water in a bathroom when, over time, regular drywall will disintegrate and fall apart. Outlets containing a GFI are to cut the supply of electricity to an item should it come into contact with water during use.

Homeowners looking to sell a home with an out-of-date bathroom may find that they cannot pass the home inspection process if these fixes have been made. Other issues also present themselves when dealing with an older bathroom and fixtures. People who start to see discoloration on walls and around the tub and tiles could be experiencing a pipe that has worn out, allowing water to flow freely into the walls. Water damage from worn faucets and pipes can become extensive and costly if not corrected promptly. Bathroom Remodeling in Oak Park IL, will give property owners free estimates and helpful ideas to recreate space in a worn out bathroom.

O’s Decorating and Painting only staffs licensed, bonded, and insured contractors to deliver high-quality remodels or repairs to the most-visited rooms in a person’s home. The company performs all remodels and repairs promptly and to every customer’s satisfaction the first time every time.

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