Contract Machining: From Initial Quote To Inspection

Contract Machining: From Initial Quote To Inspection

Manufacturers are always trying to reduce overhead. They need to be cost-effective to survive and become profitable. One means of creating a lean, economically viable manufacturing facility is to outsource. For some companies, the only suitable and cost-effective answer is contract machining.

What to Look For

If you are considering contract machining services, you need to examine each applicant carefully. It is imperative they meet the specifications and demands of your particular project. In general, they should exhibit several if not all of the qualities provided below

  • Range of Options: They must be able to work in partnership with your staff in one or all of the steps moving from the initial quote through to final inspection.
  • Precision: Their work must meet exact specifications demonstrating capability in delivering precision machined parts
  • Communicative: No matter how good the machine shop may be, it may prove ineffective if it cannot establish good communications with your company. This includes being good listeners to your issues and ideas
  • Comprehension: The machine shop must understand your company, its goals, and timeline
  • Stability/Reliability: The shop must have a reputation for being both stable in its dealings with its customers and employees and reliable in its delivery of quality goods within budget and on time

Furthermore, the shop must have the best technology and be ready to up the ante with superior customer and value added service.

Contract Machining

Contract machining provides original manufacturers a means through which they can reduce costs while improving productivity and product variety. It becomes very important when selecting the right contract manufacturer to ensure it is capable of addressing your concerns and listening closely to your company’s requirements. The final decision should be made, only when it is clear your company and the machine shop is on the same page and can operate as partners.

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