Criminal Lawyers in Phenix City, AL Protect Your Rights

When you find yourself arrested for a criminal offense, you may feel as if you have no one on your side. Fortunately, criminal lawyers make this feeling untrue, as they care about your rights and will fight with every tool they have to reduce or even drop your sentence. Although you always have the opportunity to use an attorney appointed by the court, an experienced private lawyer will have a better chance of winning the case in your favor.

On Your Side

Professional criminal lawyers in Phenix City, AL know that you are a person with worries, frustrations, hopes, and dreams. They understand that every story has two sides, and they want to hear yours. With their compassionate and dedicated help, you can rest easy in the knowledge that someone with the power to make real changes is on your side. You deserve the chance to be represented by lawyers who care about your case, and you can find such lawyers when you contact Phenix Legal.

They Do the Hard Work

When you find yourself arrested and ready to face court, there are many deadlines for motions and answers, as well as evidentiary rules. Non-lawyers find it all but impossible to keep up with all of these, and public defenders have staggering caseloads to handle in addition to yours. Criminal lawyers will dedicate their time and energy to ensure that you always keep up with the necessary deadlines and follow the right rules. This way, you will always feel as if you are in capable hands and feel confident of your chances when you walk into the courthouse.

Higher Chance of Success

Public defenders have an overwhelming caseload to deal with on a daily basis and they cannot give you the amount of attention you deserve. A private lawyer will put all of his or her time and attention on your case, increasing your chances of winning. No matter what you were charged with, you deserve the chance to be accurately and fairly represented in court, and your lawyer will ensure that this is always the case.

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