Custom Designing A New Garage

Custom Designing A New Garage

There is no doubt that adding a custom garage to your home will increase your property value considerably as well as making your life more convenient. When designing a custom garage in Highland the process usually starts with a definition of how much space is available and where is it on the property. The number of decisions that must be made along the way go from building permits to finishes and everything in between, these are things that must be set in stone before construction starts.

Custom design tips:

It is important to strike a balance with the size of your new garage. You must strive to find the correct balance between the size of your garage and the size of your available land.

The minimum size of a single car garage is 20 feet front to back and 11.5 feet side to side. If you have one car and you want storage space there is nothing holding you back from constructing a one and a half car garage, the width increases from 11.5 to 17 feet 3 inches. If the available space lends itself to it you can increase the depth to 30 feet and leave the width as is.

A custom garage in Highland can be attached directly to your existing home, there are cost savings to be realized because there is an existing wall but your contractor may suggest that the roof modifications are such that a free-standing garage will actually work out to be less expensive.

Many a custom built garage includes a second story; it is a simple matter to add a second story that can be used for storage or even additional living space.

A custom garage in Highland is the perfect way to get more storage space as well as a workshop. A custom garage is well worth the money when you consider value and practicality.

A custom garage in Highland can be designed and built to provide you and your family with everything it needs in terms of space and security. To discuss your new garage you are invited to contact the Indiana Garage Guys.

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