Dealing With Home Drainage Repairs In Branford, CT

Standing water is the enemy of a driveway, patio, or other paved areas. When a lack of proper drainage allows water to collect, muddy water will puddle. When the water evaporates, the mud remains and, beneath it, an ugly stain. Moreover, moisture can be a real danger to a driveway if the temperature drops below freezing overnight. If water seeps into the tiniest cracks in the pavement, it can freeze and expand, causing the crack to widen. For these reasons, it’s very important to get drainage repairs in Branford, CT when there is a problem with standing water.

The simplest fix for a drainage problem could be the addition of extra piping to downspouts, redirecting the water from the gutters to low-lying areas of the property. If the water run-off is coming from somewhere else, though, a drainage repair professional will look at other solutions. Visit the website to get more information about drainage repairs in Branford, CT.

One common drainage solution is a catch basin. A catch basin is a box, available in various sizes, set into the ground in an area where there is poor water drainage. A grate in the top of the basin allows water to flow in, and an outlet trap in the bottom transfers the water into an underground piping system. Sometimes, a catch basin stops working properly when it sinks too far into the ground. Another common problem with catch basins is that they eventually fill with solid material and need to be cleaned out. A drainage repair company can also rebuild a damaged catch basin with a new steel grate and new concrete block around the outside.

Another drainage solution is the French drain. These are often installed on the sides of a driveway to keep water away from the asphalt sub-strata. A French drain is a trench filled with gravel. The trench holds a perforated pipe to collect and redirect water that flows down through the gravel. These drains are fairly easy to maintain, but they need to be flushed with water periodically. If they aren’t cleaned, they may get clogged with dirt and other solid matter.

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