DUI Educational Programming, Classes Available in Minneapolis

DUI Educational Programming, Classes Available in Minneapolis

As a first-time offender, you will often be ordered to attend DUI classes. Having never been involved before, you will no doubt be wondering who else will be in attendance, what issues will be discussed and how long the class will take.

Types of Programs

There are different levels of educational programming made available to offenders in Minneapolis. The results of your drug or alcohol assessment are often used to determine the duration of your classes and the course content. First-time offenders are usually required to attend a short duration program, which can be completed in one day. Those who had abnormally high blood-alcohol levels at the time they were tested may have to attend longer discovery program classes of 12 or more hours.

Benefits of Attending DUI Classes

DUI educational programs are designed to give you, as a participant, the knowledge needed to recognize situations that could lead to intoxication and a DUI citation. The programs also provide the tools needed to avoid such situations. Longer-term classes, those of 12 or 24 hours, expand that information provided in the one class. Longer duration classes discuss the harmful consequences of drug and alcohol use as well as personal assessments and recommendations for continuing treatment programs.


Speculation as to what these programs are like often lead the attendee astray. The program that you take in Minneapolis may be very different from the program offered elsewhere. It is imperative that you understand the importance of giving your full attention to the program and presenters; special consideration for the circumstances leading to the charge may enter into the discussion if relevant. The classes are designed and conducted to produce results. The best way to get a great deal out of the day is to pay attention and participate. You may be surprised how much you learn about yourself, and you can avoid future problems with intoxicants and situations.

Educational programming provides information about the misuse of drugs and alcohol. To arrange an evaluation assessment, contact River Ridge in Minneapolis. Visit https://www.riverridgemn.com for insight into the programs that are available. Follow us on twitter.

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