Durable and Beautiful Floor Coatings in Bellevue WA

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Home Improvement

Floors that require protection from heavy use do not have to look utilitarian and dull. Whether in a residential or commercial location, Floor Coatings in Bellevue WA can be both durable and beautiful. A huge selection of products and flooring systems are available at an experienced and local one-stop flooring company. Take advantage of selection assistance for help navigating the types of surfaces offered to discover which is right for the desired results.


Epoxy products and flooring systems offer complete protection for floors that are used constantly. Surfaces with heavy foot traffic, such as hospitals, retail outlets, grocery stores, and pedestrian bridges between parking garages and office buildings can be protected with decorative epoxy options with colors and patterns. Warehouses, docks, and membership outlet stores utilize heavy equipment to move inventory and items around as needed. Protection from moisture, oils, debris, and tire tracks is essential. Easy clean up of surfaces is also an advantage epoxy coating.


Floors that are not subject to heavy traffic can be protected with sealants. These are effective, easy to clean, and affordable. Smaller businesses, such as a local florist, a corner convenience store, or a medical office rely on different types and brands of sealants to provide a professional appearance. The cost, application process, and maintenance are less than using epoxy systems.

Decorative Concrete

This option is offered in a variety of colors, patterns, designs, and brand names. It is popular for patios, garages, outdoor seating areas at restaurants, terraces, and lobbies. Custom designs, such as logos, flowers, or family crests can be created. The look is stunning while upkeep is minimal. There are some Floor Coatings in Bellevue WA that can be used to resurface or refurbish worn out concrete walls and floors.

The process is called concrete micro-topping and is perfect for saving business owners time and money. It is best used on interior concrete for repairing cracks and creating a durable finish with superior mold resistance. This can often be accomplished in a single coat and is less expensive than having the whole floor redone. Take the time to explore all the options for floor coatings to determine which one will provide the desired effect.

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