Eaton Push Button Switches – The Industry Standard

by | Dec 4, 2015 | Electrical

Eaton produces a wide range of push button switches engineered for reliability and long life. Eaton push button switches come in illuminated AC/DC and AC rated models, and the XP series sealed models. There is a push button switch for almost every any configuration, and Eaton switches are the industry standard. Eaton switches are found in almost every industry, and they all carry the Eaton guarantee.

AC Rated Eaton Push Button Switches
These are the general purpose switches in common use throughout industries worldwide. They come in a variety of styles, configurations and termination types. They offer slow-make/slow-break contacts, and they are well suited to instrumentation applications requiring light pressure. They feature momentary action, and brass screw terminals. All the hardware is furnished, and they come in a variety of mounting types. They meet UL, CSA and RoHS certifications.

Illuminated AC/DC Rated Switches
Primary applications for the illuminated AC/DC switches include appliances, medical, electronics, instrumentation and a wide variety of other applications. They are the industry standard, and they come in different mounting styles and colored lens caps with matching indicators. Poles are silver and gold, and they are available in either flush or bezel models. Full caps may be used for more illumination. Lamp selection includes incandescent, neon and LED types. These switches meet all the certifications of the AC rated type.

XP Series Sealed Push Buttons
Sealed switches protect against liquids, dust and solid objects providing a long life and high rate of reliability. They come in a variety of colors, and terminal options. All hardware is included and packaged separately. They are rugged, and operate on a standard off on circuit. The colors allow for ease of operation and identification of uses in different applications. They are the industry standard, and meet UL, CSA and RoHS certifications.

Eaton is sets the standard in push button switches, and they are engineered for long life and reliability. Their push button switches are award-winning, and compliant with all regulations and certifications in the industry. Eaton is a global leader in power management solutions, and their customer support, and dedication is built on excellence. The company was founded in 1911, and has offered innovative solutions for over 100 years.

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