Eclipse Viewing Glasses and Other Things to Remember for the Solar Eclipse

Eclipse Viewing Glasses and Other Things to Remember for the Solar Eclipse

Many people appreciate the rarity and beauty of solar eclipses and plan special events around them. Whether you throw a large party, have a small gathering, or plan an event for your group or organization, you should have a check list of things you need. Eclipse viewing glasses are essential and here are a few more things to include.


This seems like a no-brainer, but many people put off buying gasoline. This is not a good idea because you never know when there may be traffic problems in your area. Events like solar eclipses can attract large crowds of people and getting fuel is often difficult and time-consuming. If you gas up the car the night before, you should have no problems.


Do not forget to take care of your skin. You may sit in the sun for long time with your eclipse viewing glasses on, and it does not take long to get sunburn. This is especially important for small children and people with sensitive skin. Sunscreen is very important because many medications can make skin more sensitive to burns.

Hand Cleaner

If you plan to attend an event with portable toilets, make sure to have plenty of sanitizer with you. Chances are, you have no place to wash your hands. Make sure you have a good supply of paper towels too.

Drinking Water

Bring along enough water for everyone. If you wait until the last minute, you could pay a high price for water or eclipse viewing glasses at convenience stores. You save money and have plenty of drinking water when you buy it ahead of time. In fact, you may wish to pack a cooler with ice and bring a few snacks along too. This increases your comfort level.

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