Eliminate Drain Leaks and Clogs With Reliable Plumbing in Lansing, MI Services

The plumbing in a home or business can be extremely complex. For instance, the fresh water system begins with a single pipe that connects to the municipal water supply. Once it enters the building, the cold water line splits so that it feeds the water heating system, and this is where the hot water line begins. From there, the pipes are routed to every room that needs a water supply. Freshwater Plumbing in Lansing MI can make use of a variety of materials for piping including PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and copper. PVC is popular because it is fairly budget friendly while copper is often preferred for its easy installation. Copper pipe is typically soldered around joints, but PVC requires a specific adhesive for proper bonding.

The delivery of fresh water is important, but no plumbing system is complete without reliable drains. Drainage systems begin inside the building and require a trap to keep sewer gasses out. Pipe traps or p-traps are curved pieces of pipe that connect close to the drain fitting. Fixtures such as toilets have the trap built in. These trap works by holding or trapping liquid so that sewer gasses cannot pass. Unfortunately, this process also allows debris to block the drains and this results in the need for quick clog removal. Expert Plumbing in Lansing MI can help by removing the traps and clearing any accumulated gunk. Trap cleaning is a fairly simple job, but the pipes can be easily damaged. Cross threading the fittings can result in a poor seal and a slow leak from the drain pipe.

One problem most property owners will have to deal with is a blocked sewer line. The sewer pipe is the main connection between the drainage system in the building and a septic tank or municipal sewage system. Problems occur when solid waste collects on the pipe walls. This slow buildup of waste can be extremely dense and difficult to remove. Experts like those at  use tools such as pipe snakes and water jetting to destroy difficult clogs. One kind of blockage that requires special effort is the buildup of plant roots. Roots tend to access the sewer pipes through cracks and loose fittings. They create a blockage by spreading inside the pipe and collecting solid matter as it attempts to pass them.

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