Enhance The Look And Value Of Your Property With Landscape Design In Port Jefferson NY

A well-designed landscaping project can add value and beauty to a home or business. A company that’s experienced with Landscape Design in Port Jefferson NY can turn any outside area into an inviting area for family, friends, and customers. They can design and install beautiful waterfalls, ponds, stone walls, walkways, fences, and many other features in the landscape. When the project is done, they can keep all of the landscape looking great with a weekly maintenance program. Maintenance of someone’s landscaping is just as important as maintaining anything else someone owns and wants to keep looking great.

If the property is in need of land clearing, a landscaping service can help. They can remove trees and grade the property for the preparation of the project. Landscape Design in Port Jefferson NY performs hardscaping. Hardscaping is the design and installation of fireplaces, fire pits, walkways, driveways, built-in-barbeques, poolscapes, and other beautiful hard surface projects. Family and friends can enjoy roasting marshmallows in the comfort of the backyard or entertaining with their built-in barbeque. Customers at a restaurant can enjoy their dinner on a patio or just a place to relax on a beautiful evening. Landscaping an outdoor area offers additional space to use.

Maintenance of landscaping is important to have performed if someone wants it to always look its best. Aeration of the ground permits water and nutrients to feed the roots of the plants. Fertilizer improves the health of the lawn, trees, and plants. If pets are in the area, flea and tick control is essential to keep the area free of these pesky insects. Pruning and shaping of trees and shrubs in the landscape will encourage healthier growth. Larger trees can benefit from deep root feeding. This type of treatment is especially beneficial when the soil is lacking essential nutrients for healthy growth of the tree.

Take some time and visit . You will find a gallery of pictures of their completed landscape projects, information about the services they offer and a lot of helpful information about transforming your drab space into a fabulous space. Start planning now to enjoy a beautiful oasis outside of your door next summer.

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