Enjoy a Clean Environment With Quality Water Heater Repairs in Rancho Cucamonga CA

For most property owners the water heater is the storage system that sits in the attic or garage and provides heated water when required. However, when this appliance fails it is the cause of lots of small issues such as cold showers and dishes that aren’t completely cleaned. Contacting an expert with Water Heater Repairs in Rancho Cucamonga CA is the first step in eliminating the fault. Unfortunately, the solution to a failed water heater will generally depend on the actual problem and the type of water heating system.

Water heaters fall into three categories. The most common is the tank based unit which holds water to be heated. The second is the in-line or flash water heater, which has no storage system and heats water on demand. The third option is a hybrid system. A hybrid is a combination of a tank based unit and the flash heating appliance. Hybrids are newer technology, which means they can be difficult to repair and often require specialists.

Storage based water heaters come in two sub-types. One of these uses natural gas to heat the tank. The heat from the burning flame is transferred through the metal and to the liquid inside. The other type uses electrical resistance. That is, the electric unit holds one or more heating elements inside the tank and the heat from electrical resistance is transferred to the water. Water Heater Repairs in Rancho Cucamonga CA for the electric unit often require the replacement of the element and any controlling thermostats.

One area where the electric unit can have trouble is shorted elements. This can happen when scale builds up inside the tank or when an element blows and one part of it shorts. The problem results in a low voltage circuit that continually allows the appliance to heat because it bypasses the thermostat. Thankfully, there is a safety switch that shuts off the unit if the tank reaches a specific temperature.

Another common reason for contacting the plumber is the need for maintenance. Maintaining the water heater by thoroughly flushing the appliance can reduce the chance of damages. The contractor can also check the pressure-relief valve. This valve is used to prevent an exploding tank when too much pressure occurs. Browse the site here and learn more about water heaters and their repairs.

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