Enjoy Extra Privacy with Trellises, Pickets and Fencing in Bath

by | Dec 12, 2014 | Business & Economics

Budget, property size and goals are three things that will affect your fencing requirements, but so long as you work with a respected company, you can feel confident that a fence investment will be worth it. A way of securing your property from burglars, fences add protection and will beautify even the simplest outdoor space. Trustworthy companies will give you an array of designs to choose from, plenty of material choices and personalised services, so why not get some inspiration with the following ideas?

Understanding Your Options

It’s worth taking some time out of your schedule to explore your options when it comes to fencing in Bath, because the level of security you desire and your budget will affect what options are made available to you. Maintenance, style and functionality will also come into play at this time. What will you be using the trellises, pickets and fencing for? For safety purposes, or for visual appeal? Security fences, safety fences and decorative fences are three style options to consider.

Rules and Regulations

Some people get fencing in Bath fitted on their property only to discover that they have not abided by their area’s rules and regulations. You could find yourself in a lot of trouble if someone is injured by climbing over your fence to retrieve a ball. Furthermore, there are a lot of disputes regarding the heights and boundaries of fences, due to the fact they can obstruct view and disturb your neighbour’s field of vision. Perform some research beforehand to make sure you abide by all laws, especially if you reside in a listed property.

Choosing a Material

When you have found out whether or not you require planning permission or if your fencing in Bath meets certain guidelines set out by the UK law, you can start selecting a material. Pay thought to warranty and maintenance at this time, as well as what types of finishes can be applied to it. Softwood is dense, whereas hardwood will stand the test of time. Metal will appeal to you if safety and security is at the top of your priority list. Metal is the more cost-effective choice, but wood tends to be more visually appealing.

Bendrey Brothers is a top provider of fencing in Bath. They have several styles of fencing currently available, with several types of wood to choose from.


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