Everything You Need to Know About Poured Terrazzo Flooring

If you are considering low-maintenance, durable flooring for your patio, basement, or otherwise, one great option is poured terrazzo flooring. It offers a base of cement or resin, which is then flecked with various materials for a look that is similar to granite or polished marble. This type of flooring is more common in hospitals and government buildings but has been reaching popularity in homes as well.

New with a Touch of the Old

Terrazzo, which means “terrace”, originated in the Mediterranean region many hundreds of years ago. At that time, it is believed that it was made by pressing chips of stone into natural clay, which was then sealed with goat’s milk. Cement went on to replace the clay, while tile and glass made the
way to the surface of the flooring for a unique presentation.

Nowadays, terrazzo includes resin, epoxy, and polymers which improve the texture to avoid cracking and dial up the durability. It also no longer requires a sealant but may be buffed and polished to bring out a beautiful gleam.

Benefits of Poured Terrazzo Flooring

One of the unique aspects of terrazzo is the inclusion of stone chips, such as quartz, marble, and granite. Other options include glass pebbles and silica bits in many different colors. On top of the many materials that can be used, terrazzo is also a highly resilient flooring option, and is additionally very durable. It also has a non-porous nature which keeps it from absorbing bacteria or being stained, something that makes it great for even high traffic floors.

Disadvantages of Terrazzo

It is a fact that terrazzo floors need to be installed by professionals, which can be expensive as the job is quite labor intensive. Even a fairly simple terrazzo floor can cost a decent amount, which only rises if you want more intricate patterns. Another disadvantage for some is that this floor can get slippery if it gets wet, so it requires some caution at times. In addition, the fall can feel like dropping onto sidewalk so it’s not always the best choice for elderly folks or those with young children.

Learn More About Terrazzo Flooring

Trend Terrazzo offers terrazzo tiles in many different forms. All product lines are green and contribute to LEED ratings. They are also NSF rated and haver a low volatile organic compounds rating. To find out more about terrazzo tiles, you can get in touch with the office at 863-655-0164.

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