What To Expect From Indian Cuisine Restaurants In Washington, DC

In DC, patrons enjoy extraordinary dining experiences at the local Indian restaurants. The establishments offer a more authentic atmosphere for the entire family. The decor inside the restaurants adds a friendly and relaxing environment as well as unique dining opportunities. Indian Cuisine Restaurants in Washington DC provide delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Reviewing the Types of Indian Restaurants

  *    North Indian Cuisine: Menu selections served at North Indian restaurants focus on rich gravy and sauces primarily. The dishes offer an infusion of vegetables and premium meats. Among the popular dishes that are sold at North Indian restaurants are Dal which is essentially a lentil soup and Sabzi which includes cauliflower and potatoes. When choosing meat-based dishes in the restaurants, patrons get more out of tandoori selections. The meats are often flavorful and remain juicy after they are prepared.

  *    Chaat Indian Cuisine: The Chaat cuisines include fried foods that are added to rice salad concoctions. The primary ingredients are chutney, tamarind water, and chickpeas. The dishes are often spicy and are paired with ketchup.

  *    South Indian Cuisine: The South Indian foods are typically classified as beige-colored menu selections. The most popular of the dishes is Dosa which comes with chutneys which is a broth and French dips. The dish is essentially a thin version of pancakes that are stuffed with vegetables such as potatoes. Restaurants often cook the pancake selections with chilies or onions to add spice. Vada which is doughnuts and Idli which is a form of rice cakes are also popular choices prepared at the restaurants.

Indian Restaurant Styles

The most popular restaurant styles are buffets and formal dining options. Select restaurants may provide options for a more relaxed experience where patrons sit on pillows in front of round tables. The local restaurants provide something for all patrons based on their preferences.

In DC, Indian cuisines provide local patrons with a multitude of selections that are healthy and delicious. Local restaurants provide residents with the choice between North, South, and Chaat cuisine styles. The restaurants also provide a fun, relaxed environment. Patrons who want to learn more about Indian Cuisine Restaurants in Washington DC can contact Heritage India today.

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