Exploring the Better Shop Storage Cabinet Options

If you are in need of storage cabinets for your machine shop, why not take some time to check out some of the better models? For example, products like Lista cabinets have a great deal to offer. Here are some of the important features to consider, when you want the best.

Fixed or Mobile?

Should you go with fixed cabinets or do you need something which is easy to move around? Although it can sometimes be a matter of preference, in general, mobile cabinets are used for smaller storage needs. For example, if you have a small shop or use more than one work station, you can check out some excellent Lista cabinets with wheels. On the other hand, large operations with many requirements probably are better off with fixed units. Let’s look closer at each one of these options.


Moveable tool cabinets are perfect for technicians and repair people who are never in the same area from day to day. Choose mobile units with high quality castors and make sure they have sturdy wheel locks. This keeps your tools and supplies from moving around needlessly. Consider these features also:

  • Anti tip – some units (like Lista cabinets) only allow you to open one drawer at a time.
  • Multiple color selection – makes identification easier
  • Individual drawer latches – moving about is safer


Here are some important options to consider for fixed cabinets:

  • Counter height – convenient and can be used at work stations.
  • Shallow depth – for areas with limited space
  • Eye level – allows for maximum storage in the space provided

No matter what design you need, you might want to consider features like keying options. For instance, you can have each cabinet lock keyed the same and with Lista cabinets one can utilize a master lock system.

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