FAQs About Social Security Disability Law That Applies to SSDI

FAQs About Social Security Disability Law That Applies to SSDI

In Oklahoma, applicants who have developed conditions that lower than earning capacity severely may qualify for SSDI benefits. The condition cannot be pre-existing and must have a devastating effect on the individual. The following are FAQs about Social Security Disability Law that applies to SSDI benefits.

What is Social Security Disability Insurance?

Social Security Disability Insurance is monthly benefits provided to individuals who have an existing work history. They receive a set value according to the laws of Oklahoma. The applicant must complete an application and submit it to the regional Social Security Administration. Once the application is received, a caseworker is assigned for further assessment and decision.

How Does an Applicant Accumulate These Benefits?

They accumulate their benefits based on the total number of years during which they work. The government assigns a value based on the total volume of payments they have submitted to the Social Security Administration through tax deductions. Once approved for these benefits, the SSA sends these payments to the beneficiary on a monthly basis.

How Do Applicants Qualify for the Benefits?

The applicant must have an existing work history. They must develop a condition that prevents them from working in any industry. The condition can be either mental or physical in nature. The applicant must acquire a document from their doctor that explains when the condition emerged. They must describe how the condition affects the applicant.

Can They Continue to Work?

Yes, individuals who are drawing SSDI are allowed to continue to work if possible. However, these benefits limit the total value in which they can draw each month through an employer. The limit for single individuals is $1,090. If the individual is classified as legally blind, they can earn up to $1,800.

In Oklahoma, applicants with an extensive work history are entitled to SSDI benefits. They accumulate these benefits based on contributions acquired each pay period. These benefits are based on the total number of years in which they have worked and the total value of their contributions over this duration. Individuals who need help under Social Security Disability Law can visit Sslcnow.com for further details about filing an application.

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