Fighting Discrimination When Pregnant

When a pregnant woman finds she is having difficulty on the job with her superiors due to her condition, she may want to hire an employment discrimination attorney to handle the matter. It is illegal for a company to fire a woman for being pregnant. If she finds she is without a job because of her condition, this is definitely a matter she should fight as she may have been treated unfairly.

First, the woman should get some of the other employees to write up reports specifying that the woman had done a good job and that there was no reason for her to be fired. If someone had seen a manager being disrespectful to the woman because of her pregnancy, this should be noted as well. An attorney can use this information to help prove the woman did not deserve to lose her job, and the company may need to give it back to her as a result.

Discriminating against someone on the job is an offense not taken lightly by courts. In many cases, if the woman is a hard worker, she should not have lost her job. She has the right to ask for easier tasks if her body is not able to continue with strenuous activity or constant standing. The company should give her a temporary job within the building for her to do until she is able to go back to her old job.

If the woman is not able to attend work due to sickness or a problem with the pregnancy, she is allowed to take time off through rules in place. The Family Medical Leave Act will handle these situations. If the woman was not given the opportunity to see if the time would have been covered, the company may be liable for the mistreatment of the woman due to her pregnancy.

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