Where to Find a Custom Pallet in Dallas

Standard pallets are available in many sizes, types, and materials so most businesses can simply purchase pallets with no problems. Large, medium, and small pallets are available to suit the needs of moving and storing just about any type of merchandise. There are some that have forklift openings on two sides, while others have openings wide enough for a forklift on all four sides. Manual lifts only require small openings, so some pallets are designed to be used by both kind of lifts. Stringer pallets are made of panels and block pallets are made with individual blocks of material.

Materials can be metal, wood, or plastic. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, so the preference of the business owner and the cost typically dictate which ones a business uses. With all those options there are very few times when a standard pallet in Dallas will not meet the needs. Items that are fragile, odd-shaped, or valuable are examples of situations that require custom pallets. Art sculptures, for example, may require a lip at the edge of the pallet, bracing to keep the finished work upright and steady during transport, or foam at the base to prevent vibrations or shock from bumps. An experienced pallet and packing company, such as Crate Master, can create custom pallets to protect items that may suffer damage on a standard option.

A wooden pallet in Dallas can be designed and built to meet specifications, suit a one-of-a-kind item, or fit limited storage space. A half wall will help support a unique piece of furniture that is top-heavy. The item will not sway or teeter on the base, if it can rest most of the weight on strategically built ledges. Cushioning, bracing, or vapor barrier bags can fill in the bottom space and keep the base stable. Small businesses with limited storage space can request narrow, corner, or rounded pallets to best suit the configurations of their spaces. A set of custom pallets can allow that business to maximize allotted space. Discuss needs, challenges, and concerns with talented master carpenters who can design, create, and pack items for storage, delivery, or transport.

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