Find the Perfect Savinelli Pipe for Your Pipe Smoking Pleasure

Savinelli has a rich history that began in 1876, with one of the very first tobacco stores opened in the world. The store sold pipes, tobacco and other smoking articles. Achille Savinelli Sr.’s grandson Achille Jr. proved to have great talent in creating remarkable pipes. Eventually in 1948 a pipe factory was established by Achille Saveinelli Jr., and produced premium pipes that were highly praised. Savinelli pipes helped to establish the Italian market for pipe making, and made them formidable. Today the great grandson of Achille Sr., Giancarlo, owns the Savinelli Company.

Handmade Pipes by Savinelli

While a lot of pipes are machine-made today, Savinelli still produces hand-made pipes too. These are known as the Autograph line of pipes. The company has many series and lines of pipes that are rusticated, sandblasted, smooth, or a mixture of finishes. The designs are meant to attract, and come in an array of sizes and variations that are meant to please all pipe smokers. The original store still attracts pipe smokers that wish to exchange their experiences and opinions concerning pipe smoking. Savinelli is known to bring together people who enjoy a high quality pipe and smoking accessories. Those that make a hobby of collecting and smoking pipes know that Savinelli is a pipe that makes it a privilege to smoke tobacco.

Enjoy the Savinelli Difference

A Savinelli pipe is all about enjoying your five senses. When you hold a Savinelli pipe in your hand you feel the comforting warmth that entices you to take a draw. The sound of crackling tobacco lets you know that the aroma that is about to fill the air is of the select blend of tobacco you chose to burn in your Savinelli pipe. It is a sight to behold and implores pipe smokers all over the world to reach for their own pipes when they see other pipe lovers getting ready to light up. Fragrant smoke will gracefully fill the air and allows you to pull in the alluring scent and taste your favorite tobacco. Pipe smoking has become an art that still attracts many people today.

The Savinelli Tortuga Rustic Pipe

The Tortuga Rustic Pipe has a stopper that is considered to be quite clever, and has attractive carvings upon the bowl. When you need a convenient way to pack your pipe and leave it to smoke later, a stopper can be placed inside the half-filled bowl and protect the tobacco so you can smoke it at your leisure. When you smoke your Tortuga Rustic Pipe around friends and family, be prepared to let them know where you got such an exquisite pipe.


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