Finding Landscape Edging in Summerville, SC

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Landscaping

Landscaping can do a lot for a home. In addition to the appearance of the home itself (the brick, stone, or siding, the windows, and the doors) a lot is added when the lawn, walkways, stone, and plants are all a major plus when visitors, neighbors and buyers see the property.

But there is one more step to the landscaping process, sort of like the icing on a cake. Landscape edging can be the final touch that makes the home complete. Edging can be a key part of the walkways to a home and to other locations on the property. Choosing the right edging will define the garden as the special place it is.

Have a Mental Picture
Of course, beautiful and useful edging is often used around flower beds and to set off the shrubs and other plants chosen for the perimeter of the homes. In the last few years, property owners, builders and landscaping firms have been quite creative when it comes to edging, both in choice of materials and in locations where it is used.

When visiting with a professional in the landscape field, keep in mind that the ideas for special treatment may apply to side yards and backyards as well. While that part of the property may not be seen as often as the front, landscaping edging, when properly used, will complete the appearance of the home.

Find an Experienced Pro
When a homeowner is considering a landscape project, especially landscape edging in Summerville, SC, there are a lot of options. The simplest and usually least expensive is roll plastic in different colors. This basic material serves well to keep stone, wood chips and mulch in place, while adding a small improvement to the appearance of the landscape.

Property owners may choose natural stone to define flower beds, plant location, and areas close to the home itself. This stone comes in various sizes and shapes, as well as in a wide range of colors. Taking the project to the next level are items such as stone pavers, cast pavers, brick, and concrete. Most landscapers know and highly recommend that any of these types be placed so that the top edge is at least two inches above the level of the lawn and material.

When a homeowner has taken care to put a beautiful lawn in place and has eye-catching walkways of stone or patterned concrete, landscape edging may be used in order to set them off. When flowering plants, evergreens or flowers have been strategically placed along the perimeter of the house, the look can be completed with dark mulch or stone, and contrasting, light-colored pavers as edging.

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