Fire and Water Damage Services Are Saving Homes 24-hours a Day

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Business

Cleaning companies and restoration services may seem to do similar work, but there are a lot of differences that make restoration companies unique. When a home has experienced a major disaster, to the point where most people would believe it is beyond help, that is when the restoration team is there. Their clients are people who have had fires and floods of all sizes and need assistance to salvage as much as possible. They are able to accomplish what they do with the use of the latest tools and equipment and with a staff of specially trained individuals who understand the importance of getting the work done quickly.

SERVPRO of Davis/Woodland is available 24-hours a day because they are aware of the importance of a quick response. Water and smoke damage increases in severity as it sits and mold will begin to grow in just a few hours under the correct conditions. That is not the only reason they respond immediately. They also know that when disasters strike, whether it is a home or business, the property owner needs to get their life back to normal. In order to make this easier for their clients they work directly with the insurance company and save the owner from as much paperwork as possible.

SERVPRO of Davis/Woodland does not just clean out the water or wipe away the soot from the building surfaces. They make certain the building is clean and dry from the basement to the attic. They inspect everything to find the water inside walls or in dark corners of basements or crawl spaces. They check for mold and mildew hidden away in HVAC ducts. They remove materials that are too damaged to clean and clean much more than what many expect is able to be salvaged. Most importantly, they do everything they can to assist in saving the items that cannot be replaced like preserving photographs or important documents.

Whether the disaster has just ended, or if the problem has existed for a while and only been discovered, they can help. Their services pay for themselves and often even help the owner to save money. For a fast response even when the situation seems hopeless, Click Here for the disaster recovery service that helps life return to normal.

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