Five Smart Reasons For Getting Laser Hair Removal in Allentown

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Skin Care

It has been a never ending battle probably since you were around the age of 12 to 14, and started “becoming a woman”. You got your first razor, probably a pink one, and it made you feel like a grown-up to start shaving your legs and under your arms. But it also probably didn’t take long for the luster to wear off, and now, years later, it’s just another tiresome part of your beauty regimen. For added kicks, your body may have started producing noticeable hairs on your face. Just one or two hairs on the chin or upper lip can have you feeling like a modern-day ape woman.

There are a myriad of ways to combat unwanted body hair, from home depilatories and razors (who among us hasn’t in a moment of desperation hasn’t used it on our moustache?) to professional waxing and electrolysis. Each of these techniques has its merits, but there is a relative newcomer to the game which is gaining popularity, and for very good reasons. If you haven’t given it a try before, you may want to consider Laser Hair Removal in Allentown, and here’s why:

It’s quick. Today’s laser hair removal devices are designed to treat large areas of skin at once, taking only a fraction of the time one would need to treat the same area with electrolysis.

It’s safe. Laser treatments are considered to be safe when performed correctly, with usually little to no side effects.

It’s relatively painless. Normally, laser treatments are thought to be less painful than other methods, especially waxing and electrolysis.

It has long lasting results. While laser treatments do not guarantee permanent hair removal, they do result in permanent hair reduction, meaning that daily maintenance becomes a thing of the past, and trips to the salon or spa for treatment become fewer and farther between as time goes on.

It’s versatile. Medi spas such as Beautiful You By Christine can treat both large and small areas of the body, from the upper lip and underarms to the bikini line and back, and the laser can be used effectively on all skin types.

With all this going for it, Laser Hair Removal in Allentown may be the right solution for you.  for more information and details on how this innovative treatment works.

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