Five Things to Look For in Landscape Companies in Old Saybrook CT

Lawn care can be a dirty, time-consuming and never-ending chore. However, homeowners who don’t want to do their own weeding, mulching, mowing and pruning may have a hard time finding the right lawn care company. Below are five things customers should look for in a landscaping and lawn maintenance service.

Good Reputation

Many customers hire Landscape Companies in Old Saybrook CT- based solely on price, and they fail to consider the company’s reputation. When evaluating lawn services, the client should find out whether anyone else in the neighborhood uses the same company. Clients should consider that a low price isn’t a sustainable one, and companies that offer low-cost service may not be around for the entire season.


A home’s landscaping is a living investment, and it can add up to 15% to a home’s value. To allow pests to kill valuable plants or to fertilize a lawn incorrectly can be a disaster. Homeowners should verify the contractor’s qualifications and experience before making a hiring decision.

Proper landscape maintenance requires a significant amount of labour and equipment. If the company lacks basic tools and staff, there’s no way for them to provide adequate service. Companies are lacking the right tools usually aren’t making enough money to invest in the equipment needed to do a good job.
Insurance Coverage

If a lawn care company does not have worker’s comp and an employee suffers an on-the-job injury, the homeowner could be held liable. Companies are required by law to carry worker’s compensation coverage, and a reputable service should have liability insurance as well. Customers should ask for proof of insurance before hiring a lawn service.

Anyone applying fertilizer or pesticides to a lawn or landscape must be licensed by the state, and the requirement is in place for a good reason. These chemicals can be very dangerous to the environment, people and pets if applied incorrectly. It’s not worth the risk-;hire licensed Landscape Companies in Old Saybrook CT for landscaping and lawn treatment.
At Sullivan, the team has a proud reputation as an area landscaping professional. Customers who need help maintaining the home’s lawn and plantings should Contact Sullivan Lawn Services to schedule an evaluation as soon as possible.

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