For Air Conditioner Installation Greeley CO Residents Must Decide Between Central Air and Window Models

For Air Conditioner Installation Greeley CO Residents Must Decide Between Central Air and Window Models

Window air conditioners have the same essential function as central air conditioners. They move heat and humidity out of the room. They bring cool air in after drawing it over coils that have been cooled by a compressor with refrigerant. A fan blows the air into the room. Central air conditioning has the obvious advantage of being able to cool an entire house by blowing the cool air through vents in a duct system attached to an air exchanger. For Air Conditioner Installation Greeley CO residents must choose whether a window model is enough or whether they would greatly prefer a central air system.

A primary consideration involves how much money the homeowners can spend. A window air conditioner is cheap compared to central air installation. If the house has one story and has a limited amount of square footage, a window air conditioner can effectively cool the entire home, especially if the device is somewhat centrally located. Larger houses and those with more than one story typically need central air conditioner installation in Greeley, CO to keep the entire building at an optimum temperature. Otherwise, the homeowner has to add at least one more window air conditioner, which can be inefficient and drive up electric bills more than central air would.

Another consideration is whether anybody in the house prefers to sleep with the bedroom door shut. If so, a window air conditioner in the living room won’t be of much help. Greeley can have hot summers, including nights where the temperature doesn’t drop to a comfortable level. Without central air installed by a company such as Advanced Comfort, cooling the entire house down can be impossible if room doors are closed.

In addition, the more people that live in the house, the more rooms are generally occupied on a regular basis. One or two residents may get by with a window air conditioner while four or five residents may be scattered throughout the building at any given time. Three children may each have their own bedrooms, and there may be rooms such as a family room, home office and kitchen that are all occupied at the same time. Central air is advantageous in these circumstances.

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