Frequent Hot Weather Means a Need for Residential Cooling Services in Cape Coral, FL

Even in parts of the country where summers have mild temperatures, many residents still want to have central air conditioning to beat the heat on those rare hot days. In Florida, where hot days are the norm, Cooling Services in Cape Coral FL are very much appreciated. Some residents only use window air conditioners, but most prefer a system that works with a heat pump or an exterior compressor connected with the furnace equipment.

Central Air Conditioning Capacity

When a house that only has a window air conditioner is put up for sale, prospective buyers will likely want to hire professional Cooling Services in Cape Coral FL to install equipment for whole-house climate control in the summer. The contractor determines the capacity needed with an equation that includes the square footage of the home and the climate zone.

In Florida, where air conditioning equipment is used extensively, the capacity should be greater than would be the case in a northern region. Otherwise, the unit will need to be replaced sooner than should be necessary.

Sizing With Precision

Contractors must be relatively precise about sizing. A unit that’s too small will experience significant wear and tear too quickly, as it has to run too long each cycle to maintain the set temperature. Although it may seem paradoxical, an oversized unit will have the same problem, but for a different reason. It will cycle on and off too quickly because it cools the building too rapidly. The equipment is designed to provide optimum service at a slower speed, thus extending the lifespan of the unit while maintaining energy efficiency.

The Importance of Energy Efficiency

In Florida’s climate, it’s important to choose one of the models with very high energy efficiency and have it installed by licensed technicians from a company like Absolute Temperature. Lower-efficiency appliances are cheaper upfront, but the electric bills will be remarkably higher. In a region where residents commonly run their central air conditioners every day in the summer and numerous days in spring and fall, saving money on electricity is important. Contact us through the website or by phone.

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