Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Pruning In Bronx NY For Unhealthy Trees

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Tree Services

If your trees seem unhealthy or they’ve seemed to stop growing; you may need the services of a professional company that specializes in tree pruning in Bronx NY. Experienced tree trimmers can prune the trees and make them healthy once again. To learn more about the service of pruning trees, read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) How many times a year should a homeowner contact a professional for tree pruning?

A.) It’s usually only necessary to have trees pruned by a professional once a year. In between the yearly pruning, homeowners should monitor their trees and look for diseased or dying branches that require immediate pruning. Trees that appear unhealthy or ones that aren’t growing at the normal rate may also need to be pruned more than one time a year.

Q.) What can homeowners expect when a professional prunes the trees on their property?

A.) Before pruning, the professional visually inspects the tree to see what type of pruning is required for the tree. The tree trimmer will then begin pruning certain branches to allow additional sunlight to reach the tree. Some branches may be shortened, so the tree has a more natural shape. Any limbs that are diseased will also be trimmed off the tree, so the disease doesn’t spread to different branches or other trees in the yard.

Q.) Is there a certain time of the year when it’s best to have trees pruned?

A.) It’s usually safe for a professional to prune trees any time of the year. Many tree trimmers prefer to prune trees after the leaves have fallen because the entire structure of the tree is visible without being hidden by the leaves. It’s also easier for a tree trimmer to spot any wounds and fungal diseases on the tree when the leaves are gone. Contact a local company that provides Tree Pruning in Bronx NY to discover their available dates for tree pruning.

If your trees appear unhealthy, or they’re not growing at a normal rate, contact a professional company for Tree Pruning services, such as Additional services of this company include tree removal, stump grinding, planting and land clearing.


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