Get The Job Started Before Mold Remediation Service in Albany

Get The Job Started Before Mold Remediation Service in Albany

When homes are flooded due to natural disasters and water leaks, mold can grow within 48 hours. While most molds aren’t harmful, others may cause respiratory distress, irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, vomiting, headaches and lethargy. It is important for homeowners to hire a Mold Remediation Service in Albany as soon as possible to prevent the spread of harmful mold. Homeowners can follow these tips to start the mold removal process before professionals arrive.

1. Open doors and windows to increase air circulation and to dry the area. If there’s power available, set up a few fans to speed drying.
2. Padding and carpeting should be stripped and disposed of. Wet carpet dries very slowly, and it can ruin the subfloor.
3. Pillows, mattresses, and upholstered furniture should be thrown away. These items are almost impossible to clean thoroughly, and may take a long time to dry ;making them a haven for mold growth.
4. Wet drywall will need to be removed because it rapidly swells and deteriorates, making it easier for mold to set in.
5. Dispose of wet papers and books. If possible, make photocopies of vital documents and throw away the originals.
6. Use a disinfectant to mop ceramic and vinyl flooring. Ensure that the subfloor is dry; severe damage will require the help of a mold remediation company and a flooring contractor.
7. Wash curtains or have them professionally cleaned per the manufacturer’s directions. Doing so will remove mold.
8. Eliminate moisture from wood flooring as quickly as possible. Use dehumidifiers and fans to speed the process, but don’t use heat as it may warp the floor.
9. Wet ceiling tiles should be removed and discarded. Allow the entire space to air out and dry completely before the new ceiling is installed.

If the damage to the home is too severe for the homeowner to handle, they should consider hiring a Mold Remediation Service in Albany to dry it out as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that where mold prevention is concerned, the sooner the water damage is tackled by the pros at, the better the chance of removing mold and preventing its future growth.

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