Getting Ready for a Water Heater Installation in Jacksonville FL

Getting Ready for a Water Heater Installation in Jacksonville FL

Now that a new water heater is selected, all that is left is the process of Water heater installation in Jacksonville FL. Before the team shows up to remove the old unit and put the new one in place, it pays to make some preparations. Doing so will ensure that the installation goes off without any type of delay.

Clearing the Immediate Area

Whether the Water heater installation in Jacksonville FL will take place in a kitchen corner, the attic, or in the basement, it pays to make sure the area around the space is clear. Spend some time moving boxes and other items well away from the work space. The goal is to make sure that the professional who is taking care of the installation has plenty of room to lay out tools and slide the heater into position without bumping into anything.

If the water heater is contained in a cabinet, consider removing the door until the new heater is in place. This is typically managed by loosening the screws that keep the hinges in place along the frame. After the heater is connected and tested, it will only take a few minutes to mount the door back in position.

Using Drop Cloths

Since removing and replacing a water heater can get a little dirty, it pays to put down drop cloths. Arrange them so that they provide a path from the exterior doors to the site of the heater installation. This approach will mean the plumber does not have to worry about damaging the floors, and the homeowner will have less cleanup to manage once the job is complete.

Getting Rid of Distractions

If the plumber is not hindered while attempting to complete the installation, things will go much faster. For this reason, refrain from looking over the shoulder while the work is in progress. If there are kids or pets in the home, make sure they are kept far away from the work area. The homeowner can settle into a room near the work site, making it easy for the plumber to call out if he or she needs anything.

For homeowners who are thinking of replacing an older water heater, look at more info here. Doing so will make it easier to choose the right heater design and arrange for a professional to manage the delivery and installation.

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