Going Healthy With A Juice Cleanse

Losing weight and feeling healthy is a struggle that thousands of people face every single day. While dieting and exercising are at the top of their plan of action, there may be a more effective method to kick-start this healthier life: a juice cleanse. In fact, after a three day juice cleanse you may be quite impressed by the positive transformation that is going to follow.

There is no question that the romance of unhealthy foods can be quite powerful, which is evident by the many individuals who struggle each day with being obese or overweight. However, in order to break this romance, it is essential to break the dependence on alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, refined carbohydrates and saturated fats.

But you cannot stop there. In order to break the cycle you have in terms of food cravings that can undermine your health, you must take a more drastic action. This is where a three day juice cleanse can be extremely beneficial. Some of the ways a juice cleanse can help you get healthier are highlighted here.

Rest Your Stomach

For those who are on acid-suppressing drugs, or those who do not produce adequate stomach acid, allowing the stomach to work less to extract the necessary nutrients can be extremely beneficial. When you are on a juice diet you will be able to minimise the amount of digestive processes needed.

Repair the Gut

Each day you eat a number of toxic foods, from allergenic foods, pesticides, additives, refined carbs and more. However, other elements can affect the functioning of the intestines, as well, including certain medications and stress. When you go on a juice diet for three days, the microbiome in your gut can gain balance and ensure that nothing that should not be released into the body gets through.

Decrease Your Appetite

While juicing will not actually shrink your stomach, it will help eliminate the habit of eating for comfort and makes you feel satisfied with much less food than what you usually need.

Simplify the Choice of Foods

When you are juicing, even for just three days, it will minimise your focus on consuming whole foods every few hours. It will also reduce the enslavement of having to always think about what your next meal will be. You will feel satisfied and be free from your addiction of potentially dangerous foods.

Are you looking for more information about a juice cleanse? If so, visit the KARMIC Cold Pressed Juice website.

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