Going To A Salon For Hair Coloring in Oahu

by | Dec 10, 2015 | Salons

When someone wants to lighten their hair from black to blond, there are several small steps that need to be taken to ensure the hair is kept in healthy condition. Failing to take precautions can lead to dry, breaking hair strands. This could be disastrous for the person who wanted the coloring done.

Going to a professional hair salon is bet when having Hair Coloring in Oahu done to lighten hair from black to blond. They would be able to care for the hair in a delicate manner, so it does not sustain too much time processing to get the desired results.

When making such a drastic hair color change, the hair should be in relatively good strength beforehand. Conditioners should be regularly used to keep the hair shaft intact, making it easier for the color to be stripped without damaging the strands.

A hairdresser would start by applying bleach to the strands and checking on the color every five to ten minutes to watch the progression of the shade changes. If the hair is not lightening evenly, they will apply a bit more bleach to the darker areas. Constant monitoring is best when going from a dark to light hair color.

The process of Hair Coloring in Oahu when dealing with black hair to blond hair usually takes more than one session. This allows the hair to have time to “rest up” in between processing. It allows the person was having the coloring done to have time to strengthen the strands with proper conditioning before the next coloring session.

It is important to avoid heat when trying to obtain a lighter coloring. This will only exacerbate the damage to the hair as the color is being changed. After showering the hair should air dry and heating appliances should be avoided completely.

If someone has further questions about the process in bleaching hair from black to blond, they can click here to get additional info. This will bring them to a reputable hair salon that can offer information about the process from beginning to end. They can also help with setting up an appointment.

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