Heating Oil in Clinton: Community Care through Cleaner Heat

by | Dec 22, 2015 | Petroleum Products

Along with biting cold, piles of snow and ice, winter means buying heating oil if you live along the United States’ eastern shore. Cleaner than burning wood or coal for heat, heating oil burns 400 degrees hotter than electricity and natural gas. Most customers find controlling their heating costs easier than residents using natural gas and where they must accept prices set by a central energy company, heating oil users can choose from an array of companies offering different prices, special discounts and referral programs. However, a new feature may attract new customers. Companies like East River Energy can now give environmentally conscious customers a greener heating oil alternative.

In a bid to provide cleaner Heating Oil in Clinton, some oil companies can now deliver home heating oil containing biodiesel. The biodiesel portion of these blends doesn’t come from the ground, but is comprised of soybean oil, corn oil and animal fats. In other words, biodiesel is a by-product of the fast food and restaurant industries. Independent companies purify these oils, then blend them with traditional heating oil. A home heating oil blend of as much as 20 percent biodiesel can be used in either commercial or residential heating systems. Biodiesel blends don’t just heat your home or office, though. They also have solvent properties that, over time, can clean your furnace and boost its efficiency. New biodiesel blends are cleaner for the environment, good for your heating system, and you needn’t change your existing furnace or storage tank to use them.

Speaking of storage tanks, new customers wonder how they’ll receive their heating oil. Unlike centrally distributed natural gas, you’ll order your oil for delivery to your on-site storage tank. Customers avoid running out of oil by arranging automatic deliveries and can also set up payment plans. In some cases, a prepaid plan works well. Other cases may call for set budget plans or price of the day plans. Depending on your storage tank’s size, you may save money by ordering large quantities, but you may also take advantage of senior discount programs or neighborhood discounts. To help during emergencies, some companies that deliver Heating Oil in Clinton also provide generators when a power failure renders your furnace inoperable. With cleaner heating oil blends, automatic deliveries and a variety of payment plans it’s easy to see that companies like East River Energy care about the communities they serve.

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