Help with the Internal Revenue Service in Galt CA

There are times when an individual or business may need help dealing with the Internal Revenue Service in Galt CA. Whether it is an audit, negotiations, or litigation support, it helps to have an experienced accountant, who is a former IRS auditor, be able to review complex issues and develop effective solutions. Understanding tax laws, and how they apply to a specific situation, can help individuals and business owners avoid any future problems regarding taxes, income estimation and verification, and audits. Once the problem with the Internal Revenue Service in Galt CA is resolved, the accounting firm can provide consulting services, accounting services, and retirement planning.

Consultation services can help businesses improve profitability and decrease costs by reviewing business operations, looking at the efficiency of accounting systems, assisting in payroll, and making recommendations for changes. Developing customized solutions for bookkeeping, annual tax planning for federal income tax, and tax analysis can save businesses thousands of dollars each year. Retirement planning services are available for individuals and business owners. Retirement planning cannot start early enough, especially if dependents are involved, or continuation of a business is a concern. Early planning can ensure a particular comfort level later in life, avoid issues such as long-term care or final expenses becoming a burden for family members, and provide for a surviving spouse.

Accounting services include preparation of tax returns, general bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements, payroll services, and research services. QuickBooks set-up cleans up, and training, business start-ups, and accounting software set-up are also available. Free estimates are offered for all accounting services. There are a few forms that should be filled out before a first appointment, such as a questionnaire, a business check list, and an individual check list. Click here to download needed forms, and to review quarterly newsletters. Newsletters cover many subjects of interest, like tax tips for newlyweds, changes in tax laws, things to consider when planning for retirement, tips on managing money, and advice on payroll systems for small businesses. Do not wait for an issue with the IRS to seek help from an experienced accounting firm. They can save people time and money in several different areas, make life easier, and improve business operational procedures regarding finances. Contact Galt CPA for more formation.

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