Helpful Tips for Home Fire Protection in Pettis County

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Alarm Systems

For the majority of people, their home is the center of their life. It is filled with family, belongings and memories. As a result, they likely want to protect it at all costs. A serious threat to any home, if not properly prevented, is fire. Not only is fire dangerous, it can be completely devastating to a person’s home. Some Home Fire Protection in Pettis County tips to keep a home safe throughout the years can be found here.

Install Smoke Alarms

It is important to ensure there is at least one smoke alarm on every level of the home. If possible, install these directly outside of the bedrooms to ensure those inside hear the alarm if a fire erupts at night. It is also important to test these smoke alarms on a monthly basis to ensure they are working properly. The batteries need to be changed every six months.

Create an Escape Plan

It is a good idea to create several different escape plans and then practice them with the family -; especially kids. The plans need to include various escape routes from different parts of the house, tools that can be used to get out and a place where everyone should meet. It is essential to practice fire safety with children to make sure they know what to do if an issue arises.

Keep Grills Away from the House

Cooking outside can be quite enjoyable; however, it is important to keep fryers, cookers and grills at least three feet away from the side of the home. This includes any bushes or shrubs that may be present.

Use Space Heaters Wisely

Space heaters are a common cause of home fires. It is essential to keep them at least three feet away from anything in the home that is considered flammable. Also, they should always be turned off if leaving the room or going to bed.

When it comes to Home Fire Protection in Pettis County a family cannot take chances. Being prepared is a must. If a person has more questions or just wants to learn more tips, they can click here for more info on fire prevention in the home.

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