Why Homeowners Include Decorative Rock in Austin, TX Landscaping Projects

Why Homeowners Include Decorative Rock in Austin, TX Landscaping Projects

Some of the most elegant landscape design in Austin includes stone ground cover in addition to plants, trees, and shrubs. Decorative rock in Austin, TX is popular because it comes in many varieties, so it is ideal for custom projects. In addition, suppliers like Loftin Trucking & Materials LLC make it simple for clients to find the exact material they want.

What Is Decorative Rock?

Homeowners and landscapers who want to add interesting design elements to properties often create patterns or borders using various types of rock. Commonly used decorative rock in Austin, TX includes limestone and sand, but river rock is one of the most popular. It consists of small pebbles that have been worn smooth by water, giving them an interesting, round appearance. There are many very affordable and beautiful types available. Businesses that supply decorative rock carry a wide variety of materials and will order any they do not stock. They also deliver any size order to clients’ project sites.

There Is a Stone for Every Project

Although limestone is a popular, natural feeling ground cover, homeowners who want more color and variety typically stick with river rocks. For one thing, they are sold in a variety of sizes that can be adapted for different uses. Stones typically range from 3/8″ to 3-5″. Since the smallest rocks are normally the smoothest, they are often found around playgrounds, where sharp-edged materials could harm children. Bigger stones are typically added when homeowners want to highlight something like a water feature.

Rocks Are Used in Creative Landscaping

Rocks and stones, in general, are often added to landscaping when homeowners want to add borders to areas like flowerbeds or trees. Landscapers may use rocks to create a design known as the dry creek bed. It consists of river rock arranged in a meandering pattern that mimics a creek running through the property. Professionals sometimes use a variation on that idea when they add walking paths. Walkways are created with smaller rocks. Designs typically include a border material, like wood, that keeps rocks from being spread to neighboring grass. Decorative rock is also used instead of mulch, spread around shrubs to add color and arranged as a fence border.

Decorative rocks are often found on some of the most elegant Austin properties. Landscapers and homeowners use a variety of rocks to add interesting design elements, natural borders, and color.

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