How Does Screen Printing Actually Work?

by | Dec 19, 2019 | Shopping

Screen printing is a type of graphic art that imprints an image or text onto a garment or paper. It is one of the oldest types of graphic design that is still used today. The techniques and methods for screen printing have been refined over time using more advanced technology and more efficient techniques. Whether you are considering placing an order for screen printed tees or you want to start your own screen printing company, you can benefit by getting an understanding of the process.

During screen print in Kansas City, a mesh is stretched taught over a screen or frame made of polyester although it was formerly made of silk. This is why screen printing was also referred to as silk screening. Then a negative image of the design that will be used is placed over the shirt. After this has set, the ink gets rolled directly over the design and only the blank areas are displayed after the ink has rolled over the frame. Following this, the ink sets onto the shirt and is allowed to fully dry before the garment is worn.

What about multiple colors?

In the event that you are printing more than one color onto the fabric, the process is a little bit different. In this scenario, you would need to coat the screen with a sponge using many different colors over and over starting with the lightest color first. If you are using a machine, the machine can complete this process very quickly without the need for manual labor.

Starting with a great design

When creating the perfect image for your shirt, you will want to start with the right image. If you have a great concept, you can have an artist render it before sending it into the screen printing shop. However there are some screen printing shops that can create the design as well as print it for you. Contact House of Apparel today at for more information.

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