How Is Window Repair In Tinley Park Performed?

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Home Improvement

In Illinois, technicians perform vital repairs when windows are damaged or function improperly. These repairs improve home security and phase out conditions that produce more damage. When windows become damaged, the homeowner must respond quickly and hire a technician to perform the required Window Repair Tinley Park.

Repair Steps For Rotten Window Sills

The technician cuts out the portion of the sill that is rotten. The cut extends into the sill until the technician reaches viable wood. The portion that was removed is used to create a new patch for the window sill. The patch should measure slightly larger than the original portion. The contractor sands it to create a smooth surface. The patch is positioned into the empty space and secured with screws. Next, it is sealed to prevent water leaks.

Maintenance Services for Vinyl Window Installations

Technicians use warm water and a mild cleanser to clean the windows. The windows are rinsed after all markings and debris are removed. These cleansers aren’t abrasive and won’t create scratches.
In addition to cleaning, catches are replaced when broken. The technician removes the cover gently with a small screwdriver. They remove the existing catch and replace it quickly. They replace the cover for the screws for aesthetic purposes. Next, the technician lubricates all hinges with oil and applies a silicone-based polish.

Repairs for Swollen Wooden Windows

Wooden windows become swollen due to adverse weather conditions and after they are painted. During the Window Repair Tinley Park, the technician removes the window and sands down the edges. They tap the edges to remove screws that are covered by paint.

Adjusting Locking Mechanisms

Fasteners that won’t close require repairs, too. The technician removes the fasteners from the window. They make adjustments to compensate for the window modification. This adjustment improves the function of the locking mechanisms.

In Illinois, window damage creates entry points for intruders and pests. It increases exposure to the elements which leads to environmental developments. The most common damage relates to the sills, swollen wood, and ineffective locking mechanisms. Homeowners who need a Window Repair Tinley Park contact A Better Door & Window or visit today.

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