How to Know If You Have Bed Bugs Freehold NJ

by | May 23, 2016 | Pest Control Service

If you have never had Bed Bugs Freehold NJ, it can be hard to determine if they are present or not in your home or wherever you are staying. These bugs typically leave fecal stains wherever they are. Many times, these stains are red from blood, making it easy to spot them. However, if they have not recently eaten, they will not be red, and it can be difficult to determine if you have a bed bug problem. Here are some ways to inspect the area and see if you need to call a professional to remove them.

Closely Check the Areas You Sleep in and the Furniture Near You – The first thing to do is a visual inspection of your sleeping area and the furniture around you. Check under the sheets, the box spring and along the edges of the mattress pipes. If no bugs are evident, the steps below should still be followed because they could still be present.

Interception Devices Can Help Locate the Bugs – By installing different interception devices underneath the bed and your furniture, you can detect the level of bugs that are infesting the area. The devices trap the bugs and alert you that it is time to call someone to handle your Bed Bugs Freehold NJ.

Install Box Spring and Mattress Encasements – By installing box spring and mattress encasements, you are protecting the bed from bugs. It will be more difficult for them to make their way into your bed and it helps to locate them early on before matters become worse. It is easy to find them this way because they will not be able to get on the bed but, rather, on the encasements, making them very visible and easy to spot.

Bed bugs are a common problem, and there is nothing you can necessarily do to completely avoid them. However, if you do have them, you can call a professional to come out and do pest control in your home to get rid of the bugs for good. Visit the site to contact a professional in your area who can get the job done correctly.

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