How to Prepare for Installation of Gas and Oil Boilers

Getting new Gas and Oil Boilers is always stressful but not nearly as stressful as living without any boiler at all. By following these tips, you can make it easier on yourself by preparing your home for your new boiler long before the delivery truck arrives.

Plan on Being There

Ideally, an adult should be present during the entire installation so that any questions the installers or contractors have can be answered right away. There will also be new instructions with your new gas or oil boilers that the installer or contractor will need to go over with you. If you cannot get the time off work, then you need to work with a company like Horizon at website that has plenty of weekend and evening workers. If you really trust your contractor, then you may be able to let them into your home before you go to work, give them an extra key and they will lock the doors behind them and leave the key where only you can find it.

Get the Pets to a Safe Place

Pets like dogs and cats can easily get upset or get underfoot when contractors call. Pets can easily escape open doors or consume dangerous materials that the contractor needs to use when installing gas or oil boilers. Don’t take any chances with your pet’s health; keep free-ranging pets in another room or at a kennel when the contractors come. Do you have any caged pets like rodents or birds living in the basement where the boiler is to go? New sounds and smells can upset them, so move them to another cage or place the entire cage temporarily in another room while the installers are at work. Fish usually are not bothered by contractors, but if you have questions, ask your contractor for advice on how they work around aquariums.

Time to Tidy Up

Make your contractor love you by moving boxes or other paraphernalia away from the boiler area. It’s ideal to sweep up the floor around the area, too, but good contractors will do that for you. If there is anything too heavy for you to move, tell the contractors that you give them permission to move items. Good contractors will wear plastic slip-on covers on their shoes to avoid bringing any dirt or debris into your home.

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