Importance of Using Water Filters in Leesburg FL

by | May 26, 2017 | Business

The consumption of contaminated and impure water remains a major cause of disease and infection in some developing countries. The EPA, in a report, attributed nearly 500,000 cases of learning disorders diagnosed in children in the U.S to the consumption of contaminated drinking water.

There are over two thousand contaminants present in tap water as well as several identified poisons. Public water treatment facilities may not always be able to control and eradicate all the bacterial contaminants present in tap water. The only way to ensure the continuous supply of uncontaminated drinking water is by using Water Filters in Leesburg FL.

Healthy and clean drinking water is vital to the physical and mental development of a child. It is particularly essential for pregnant women to drink clean water, as untreated water is one of the causes of severe birth defects. It has also been proven that several kinds of cancer are caused by the presence of noxious and toxic materials found in untreated drinking water. The following are some of the benefits of using water filters in Leesburg FL.

 *    When drinking water is filtered, it removes bacterial and chlorine contaminants found in the water making it to smell and taste better.
The use of water filters removes the lead usually found in tap water before drinking.

 *    The use of water filters greatly lessens the risk of colon cancer, rectal cancer and bladder cancer by removing the contaminants which cause them.

 *    There are water filters which can selectively eliminate the toxic materials and contaminants while leaving the healthy minerals in drinking water.

 *    Consuming clean and filtered water safeguards the body from infection and results in an improvement of overall health.

 *    The use of water filters lessens the risk of getting gastrointestinal disease by removing giardia and cryptosporidium from drinking water.

Consumption of pure water is important for growing children. Water filters deliver the safest and healthiest water for a child’s immune system. They also protect the body from the over two thousand known contaminants that are found in drinking water. Contact us for more information and inquiries on how to purchase, install and use water filters.

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