Important Advice From a DWI Attorney in Hattiesburg MS

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a major offense that can carry misdemeanor or felony charges. People charged with a DWI not only face losing their driving privileges but can also end up spending time in jail. When a person is charged with this crime, it is crucial they are aware of their rights for hiring a DWI Attorney in Hattiesburg MS. An attorney can protect a client’s rights and will work towards getting them a great outcome for their criminal case.

Those who are arrested for DWI are read their Miranda Rights. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people ignore these rights as they are being read simply because they are nervous and upset over being arrested. It is important to pay attention when one’s rights are being read so a person can protect themselves from being further implicated in a criminal charge.

It is important a person does not speak when being arrested. Arrested individuals have the right to remain silent and this is a Miranda Right they should take full advantage of. Often, people are nervous and end up talking too much and further convicting themselves with a crime. Anything a person says can be used against them in the trying of their case so it behooves them to remain silent until they have spoken with their attorney.

A person also needs to make sure they do not entertain any type of questioning until their attorney is present. This is another important right a person holds and one they should exercise without question. The DWI Attorney in Hattiesburg MS should be present during all sessions of questioning to ensure their client’s rights are fully protected. The attorney can advise their client of what to say and can refuse questions that may cause them to implicate themselves in a crime.

If you have been arrested for a DWI, whether innocent or guilty, it is important you hire a DWI attorney in Hattiesburg MS to help you. Through the Criminal Attorneys at T. Michael Reed, you can receive the legal representation you need. Though having an attorney cannot guarantee you will get a great outcome, it can give you peace of mind through the process. Browse around here.

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