Important considerations when buying an electric hand dryer

Important considerations when buying an electric hand dryer

Rarely would an electric hand dryer be in the forefront of a building manager’s mind. When the time comes to buy an electric hand dryer, it can be quite confusing due to the models and types available. What is most important is to take into account the numerous functions available and make your choice after careful consideration.


Cost is always a consideration regardless of the size of the business. When compared to a paper towel dispenser even the least expensive hand dryer is considerably more expensive, but, because it is not necessary to purchase paper towels month after month, an electric hand dryer works out to be less costly. Based on averages, an electric hand dryer will pay for itself in about 9 months.

Energy efficient models also drive down the cost of operation, when you buy an electric hand dryer you win two ways; no consumables to purchase and dispose of and less cost per operation.

Energy consumption:

Energy efficiency is on everybody’s tongue. The more powerful a dryer is, the less it costs to operate as the drying time is greatly reduced. Automatic versions, ones that start and stop by the position of hands are even more efficient as they do not run any longer than is necessary to do the job.


A typical electric hand dryer will be used a considerable number of times during any given day. When choosing the dryer consider the duty cycle as well as the amount of potential abuse it might take. If you operate a sports stadium, you will want a more robust model than if the dryer was installed in a doctor’s office.

Hygiene is a factor that cannot be overlooked, when you buy an electric hand dryer for your business, you eliminate used paper towels thrown around. Automatic hand dryers work without any need to touch them, and HEPA filters ensure that any air that is used is sanitary.

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