Important Considerations For Bakersfield Solar Panel Installation

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Home Improvement

In the Bakersfield area of California, the ideal weather conditions for harvesting the sun’s energy make solar panels a very good option for many homeowners. A common concern for many people is if their roof design and construction is a good match for solar panels.

The good news is that most roofs are a good option for solar panel installation. New compact panels and more streamlined installation methods make even older homes and roof designs a possibility.

Shingle Considerations

Most types of roofing materials are an effective base for solar panel installation. This includes traditional types of composite or asphalt shingles as well as metal roofs, clay tiles or even rubber roofing options.

If your home in Bakersfield has a slate or cedar shake roof, the installation can be a bit more difficult. These roofs require a slightly different option in solar panel installation, but it can be done provided other roofing considerations are acceptable.

Roof Condition

Ideally, before installing the solar panels, have your roof inspected. Keep in mind the panels are raised off the roof, and they do not provide additional protection for the shingles from rain damage.

For any older roofs, or roofs with shingles showing signs of wear and age, replacing the roof before the solar panels are installed prevents having to remove them in a few years, replace the roof and then re-install the panels. The solar panel company cannot advise a homeowner on the condition of their shingles. However, if there is obvious damage to the roof during the initial consultation, the team at Northwest Exteriors does inform the homeowner.

It will also be important to review any restrictions or requirements for solar panels if you are in a Homeowners Association (HOA) or if you live in a townhouse or duplex in the Bakersfield area.

Let the team at Northwest Exteriors provide you with additional information on solar panel installation for your house in the Bakersfield area. To get in touch, see us at

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