Improve The Look Of Your Home With Siding Service In Philadelphia

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Roofing

If your home’s siding is faded, cracked or film is washing onto your brick or block, it’s time to contact a Siding Service in Philadelphia. Aluminum siding was installed on many homes years ago but is now being replaced with vinyl siding. Vinyl siding doesn’t leave residue on bricks or stone after a rain. It’s durable against damage and can expand and contract with the changing temperatures. Vinyl siding can give a home a new look and add to curb appeal. Sealing out the heat and cold can reduce energy costs during any season.

Vinyl siding isn’t the only type of siding available. It can also be installed horizontally, vertically or at an angle. It can be made of masonry, metal, wood or vinyl. The style of the home will determine the type of siding that will enhance a home. For example, a home that is nestled in a wooded setting may look better with a wood siding. A home with stone or brick combined with siding can enhance the look with a siding that will match the color of these items. Trim on the windows can be color coordinated to match the siding.

If someone is considering placing their home for sale, they should consider contacting a Siding Service in Philadelphia. Home buyers will be much more interested in a home that has beautiful curb appeal as they arrive. The siding on a home will make the home appear like a newer home on the market instead of one that’s in need of repairs. When siding is installed, it’s recommended to speak with the installation company about wrapping the house or installing necessary insulation board on the home to help improve energy savings in the home.

Working with a reputable company like Union Roofing will put any homeowner at ease. Their craftsmanship and customer service will make the process much easier. They will recommend a variety of products that can improve the look of a home as well as the value. Don’t go through another summer wishing your home looked as beautiful as the flowers in your garden. Contact them today to receive a free estimate.

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