Instantly Redesign a Room with Wallcoverings and Without a Contractor

by | Jan 28, 2015 | Home Improvement

There are literally hundreds of different wall covering options to choose from at most professional wall coverings dealers. Professional wall coverings and designer patterns allow you to redesign a room in just a few days or a long weekend without the need to hire a contractor. From dry erase paints to heavy textured bamboo patterns and sustainable materials your design possibilities are almost limitless. Contact your local interior designer or interior design shop today to find out pattern availability and style options available in your area. Read on to learn about some of the great options and design benefits that wallcoverings offer.

The Advantages of Adding Wallcoverings in Your Home

Wallcoverings are often a much more affordable way to redesign a room or your entire home without the need to ever call a contractor. Instead of tearing down walls, ripping up carpet and buying new furniture add wallcoverings for a fresh new look. If you are going to renovate completely your home, wallcoverings can help break up one room from the next and give each family member their own custom way to imprint their unique style into their living space. Further, innovative wallcovering options like dry erase protection can add a fun way for kids to grow and interact with their peers without permanent damage to your walls. The design options and unique pattern combinations of designer coverings are practically unlimited and available to you at much cheaper costs than a full remodel and renovation.

Are you looking for a way to protect your walls down the road from solvents, oils and other stains? You may want to ask your local design professionals about dry erase options like dry erase paints and wallcoverings. Dry erase protection is one of the most amazing advantages and unique design features of today’s wallcovering options. Gone are the days of yelling at the kids for drawing on the walls because now with dry erase protection, stains like crayons, pencil and dirt just wipe away.

Vibrant and beautiful wallcovering materials can give new life to a dimly lit or dull painted room. Add color, warmth and an inviting feeling to any room of your home in just a few days and without the need of hiring a contractor or thousands of dollars in remodeling bills. Give your home that brand-new look by customizing patterns and styles from thousands of different options, and incorporate them in one room to create something unique. Throughout your home, from living room to bathroom, covered patio to room addition, look to wallcoverings for affordable and easy ways to add a completely custom interior design look.

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