IPL Photofacial Treatment in Birmingham MI Reduces the Appearance of Many Bothersome Facial Issues

Most women (and some men), want to reduce or eliminate brown or age spots, redness, or scars from their skin. Improving the overall appearance of one’s skin, especially the face, by reducing fine wrinkles and lines without surgery would be the ideal solution. Many people believe they IPL Photofacial Treatment in Birmingham MI does just that.

IPL stands for intense pulsed light and is a medical technology first used for the treatment of certain vascular conditions, such as “spider-veins” in the legs. It was found that during these treatments IPL also reduced the appearance of certain skin conditions and reduced the amount of hair growth by up to 60 percent. When dermatologists started to implement in their treatment regimens, patients were delighted.

IPL works by using intensified pulses of light over a varied range of wavelengths where the light is converted into heat energy. Filters can be incorporated so that specific color pigments can be targeted, such as age spots, without affecting the surrounding skin area. In the case of hair removal or reduction, IPL isolates melanin (the pigment in hair), which is why darker hair responds the fastest to the treatment and produces better results.

Photorejuvenation is a procedure that utilizes IPL technology and is used by medical professionals to reduce the appearance of common skin problems, such as age spots, redness (rosecea), fine wrinkles, large pores, melasma (large, splotchy brown patches of the skin), and freckles. It is considered to be minimally invasive, with a short recovery period, and generally no side effects. It requires several treatments to experience complete results, is less effective for darker pigmented individuals, and one must avoid the sun after each session.

To discover if the treatment is right for you, visit a reputable surgeon that you can trust, such as our website for a consultation. Services provided by a board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise in using photorejuvenation, cannot be understated. The surgeon will examine your skin and discuss in detail what your unique issues are and how they can be improved with IPL photorejuvenation.

Most treatment sessions last an average of thirty minutes, depending on the type of skin condition being treated. Although not painful, it has been described as uncomfortable – like being snapped with a rubber band. Full results typically take up to two weeks to see as the skin needs to shed and rejuvenate for the dark spots to fade. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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