Is Solar Panel Installation Right For Your Bakersfield Home?

Is Solar Panel Installation Right For Your Bakersfield Home?

Making a choice to install solar panels on a home in Bakersfield is one that many homeowners think about for a significant amount of time before making a decision. Taking time to consider the benefits and any potential issues for the home or the property is important, and it may be surprising to find out all the benefits in making this choice.

Home Considerations

Not all homes are a good match for solar panel installation. The roof has to be designed to allow enough surface space for the required number of solar panels to provide the power required. Most residential homes do have this type of roof surface, but there are some homes with multiple levels and features that can have limited surface space for the installation of the panels.

Today’s solar panel installation processes use specialized tracks or brackets that are used to hold the panels in place. The panels themselves are much more efficient than panels of even a few years ago, so there many homeowners are pleasantly surprised at their options.

By working with a top solar panel company, with Northwest Exteriors being a top example in the Bakersfield area, an inspection and estimate for the installation can be provided to help with the decision making process.

Increased Home Value

Occasionally, homeowners may hesitate to install solar panels in a home they know they are planning to sell in the next few years. With the incentives and credits available for the installation coupled with the increase in home value an appeal to buyers in California, it is well worth the small cost, even with an intent to move out of the home in a few years.

Remember, during the time you continue to occupy the home, you still have the advantage of lower or no energy bills, which adds to the value of solar panel installation.

To find out more about solar panel installation from Northwest Exteriors in Bakersfield, talk to our experts. More information is always available at

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