Is Your Office Making Your Employees Sick?

Is Your Office Making Your Employees Sick?

Absenteeism is bad for your business. It impacts your organization’s revenue, costs, and productivity. It’s also a factor in employee turnover. Then you have to deal with more labor costs as you rehire and retrain talent to replace the ones you lost.

One way you could cut down on absenteeism at work is to keep your workplace clean. Here’s why it might turn things around for you and your company.

The sick building syndrome

If your employees often get sick, get to the bottom of the problem. If twenty percent of your workforce suffers from the same symptoms then you may be dealing with sick building syndrome, the WebMD says. Sick building syndrome is when your office is making your employees sick. It could be due to carpets that haven’t been washed for years.

Getting rid of contaminants

The presence of biological contaminants like bacteria, mold, fungi and more at your office might contribute to the problem. If you aren’t getting good results from your regular cleaning staff, this is a good time as any to start scouting around for better janitorial services in West Palm Beach FL.

Hiring help you need

If you want to make sure you get rid of anything that’s causing your employees to file for sick days, then look for a reputable cleaning company that offers janitorial services in West Palm Beach FL. With the right commercial cleaning crew, you can improve working conditions at your office effectively. That’s going to help you cut down on the chronic absenteeism that happens in your organization.

Changing your bottom line

With a clean office, you can say goodbye to performance busters. As absenteeism levels down, you’re bound to see marked changes in your ROI and bottom line. That’s one step to tackling the problems at the workplace.

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