Items Removed With a Rug Cleaning in Chesapeake, VA

Rugs are very similar to carpets. They become traps for dirt, pet stains, and spills. Unlike carpets, they are much harder to clean. Their lack of adhesion to the floor surface can make a rug impossible to vacuum. Some chemicals will destroy the fibers in the rug. A professional cleaning can enhance the following qualities of the rug.

Pets can leave behind a trail of stains on the rugs. These stains will leave behind a foul smell. Even with the use of cleaner, the smells can embed themselves in the fiber. Once the spot is marked, the pets will likely go in the same area. All of that spot cleaning can be harsh on the rug. Getting a professional rug cleaning in Chesapeake VA will get rid of the deep smells left by accidents.

Rugs are often placed in high traffic areas. The amount of dirt that the rug captures can be significant. The dirt can get ground in. In most cases, the rug fibers get pulled into the vacuum cleaner. This can cause the stitching to come loose, create tears in the rug or weaken the fibers. The dirt can get left behind. Since this type of damage can hurt the look of the rug, a gentler cleaning method is needed to get it all out.

Liquid spills can cause staining in rugs. This can cause discoloration to develop. The liquid also traps in the dirt and keeps on the fibers. Harsh chemical cleaners that are used to clean up the stains can cause more discoloration in the fibers to occur. Some of them can actually damage fiber threads. This weakens them and ultimately leads to damage at a later date. The chemicals used for rug cleaning in Chesapeake VA must be gentle enough to maintain the color without being overly harsh on the threads.

Rug cleanings can restore the look of it. This is accomplished by getting rid of accumulating pet stains, dirt that is sitting in the rug fibers and tackling the stains. Because harsh chemicals and vacuums can cause damage, the cleaning should be handled with care. For help in getting your rugs cleaned, contact Atlantic Carpet Care.

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