Keep A System Operating Smoothly With Septic Services in Quakertown PA

The main reason to have septic maintenance performed is to eliminate large repairs and expenses in the future. The secondary reason to have maintenance performed by a company that performs septic services in Quakertown PA is to eliminate the environmental impact it can have on the water quality in the area. Pumping of a septic tank is recommended to be performed once every 2-3 years. Eliminating the concern of the septic tank flowing into the other areas of the septic system is an important aspect of septic maintenance. Sewage pits will also need to be pumped on a regular basis to eliminate overflow into the surrounding area.

Sand mounds need maintenance to keep them working efficiently. The units will usually continue to operate efficiently providing the balance of the bacteria life is maintained with the items that enter the system. Small mistakes by an owner can result in problems in the sand mound. Within six months after a sand mound has been installed it should be checked to make sure there are no misalignments or leaks in the system. After the first six-month inspection, the system should checked on a yearly basis by a company knowledgeable in Septic Services in Quakertown PA.

During an inspection of a sand mount, a sludge inspection will be performed. As the sludge accumulates, the room for wastewater will become smaller. As the water area shrinks, the solids will have less time for the bacteria to break it down and digest it. As the efficiency of the system lessens, the sand filter can become blocked with contaminants. The sludge tank will also need to be pumped. Once the tank reaches a foot of sludge, the tank should be immediately pumped. This should be done by an experienced septic service company. It is a very dirty job and disposal of the waste is regulated by the government.

Septic systems that work properly a terrific way to properly dispose of waste from a home in an environmentally friendly manner. Maintenance can be performed by a trained technician. They can offer helpful tips on how to keep the system operating smoothly like composting food scrapes and wastes. For more information on septic system care, please feel free to contact us.

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